sorry it's me but i need help in english.

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Living in the U.S. now for almost nine years has made me adapt to the life and culture here. Despite the fact I still miss my family in India, I’m content with my life in America so far. I look forward to going to school every day, I love living in my house, and I like hanging out with my friends. This experience has changed my life because America offers me more opportunities to reach for my ambitions and desires than in India. I have a chance to live in a foreign country where everything from food and clothes to new developed technology are available. My cousins in India don’t live their life as extravagant as I do. My parents can afford to buy me anything I want anytime I want, whereas my cousins’ parents can’t.

Is there a sentence i can end the paragraph above with. i don't want the last sentence i have to be ending sentence.

Prior to my arrival to America, I thought life here was going to be hard to adjust and I was right. The environment was too quiet and empty, learning to speak English was difficult, and getting used to going to school was a challenge. However, I overcame the obstacles by giving life here a second chance, and I saw myself enjoying living in this country. One of the lessons I learned was not to judge too quickly before trying out new things. This experience helped me change into a confident and responsible young adult who loves living in the United States of America.

Thank you for everyone's help in this essay.

  • sorry it's me but i need help in english. -

    I responded to you under the PATH site. However, maybe some other tutors here might give you more help.

    Thanks for asking.

  • sorry it's me but i need help in english. -

    If you'll post your entire essay, I'll go over it for you. Get it as revised as possible before you post it, though.


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