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how can I remember that the integumentary system is the skin, sweat and oil glands, hair, and nails?

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    One way to memorize groups like this is by making up a mnemonic:




    I've heard students using these mnemonics before:

    PEMDAS (order of operations in math)
    ROYGBIV (order of colors in the visible spectrum)


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    When I had to remember the integumentary system for a test, I used the phrase:

    IS Skimpy Susie Oiling Hair & Nails?

    The "IS" stands for itegumentary system. I = integumentary and S = system. On "Skimpy", the "Ski" is very close to "Skin". I couldn't think of a name that was similar to "Sweat" so I just used Susie & used the first letter "S" to remember "Sweat." The last 3 words are obvious.

    Hope this helps!

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