algebra 1

posted by nicole

The sum of a number and 2/5 (two fifths) of itself is 56. What is the number?


  1. Danielle

    56 = n + 2/5n

  2. nicole

    Thanks :) but now I'm stuck on actually finding out what the integers are :(

  3. DrBob222

    What is your problem with solving the equation?

  4. nicole

    I just don't know how to go about it.

    I have

    n + 2/5n = 56

    but now what?

  5. DrBob222

    n + (2/5)n = 56

    The simple way is to convert 2/5 to a decimal. You can divide 2 by 5 on your calculator and obtain 0.4, then
    n + 0.4n = 56
    1n + 0.4n = 56
    1.4n = 56
    divide both sides by 1.4
    1.4n/1.4 = 56/1.4
    n = ??

  6. manny

    56 = 1n +(2/5)n

    56 = (1+(2/5))n

    56 = (7/5)n

    n = (5/7)*56

    n= 40

  7. nicole

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! now it makes sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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