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physical science

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how does matter connect to science?

how does matter connect to the world?

how does matter connect to you?

how does matter connect to math?

  • physical science -

    I will be happy to critique (look that word up) your thinking or work on this.

  • physical science -

    matter is what mass is made of. It connects to science by physics (finding out how matter works with the earth and laws of nature) and chemistry (finding out about the different types of matter an measuring and chanign it)
    matter connected to the world, everything is made up of matter
    matter connecting to you, you are made up of matter, when
    you move your mass (or matter) is moving and the air's matter is changing shape when you move
    matter connected to math, there are different ways to claculate matter, changes in matter, etc. now you come up with the examples

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