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Having trouble finding the simple predicates in the follwing sentences..

1.They have destroyed some buildings.

2.The insects bodies can turn wood into food.

3.The insects damage property.

4. These insects eat wood.

5. Most of the insects are workers or soldiers.

6. The mounds contain homes for the insects.

7. Some colonies have made mounds up to forty feet high.

8. Hundreds or even thousands of these insects live together in colonies.

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    The simple predicate is always the verb or verbs. Helping verbs are included in the simple predicate, too.

    Some of our most common verbs are am, is, are, was, were, have, had, has, can, could, might, may.

    Other verbs show action like make, live, run, fly, drink, type, study, think.

    The simple predicate in your first sentence is have destroyed. The main verb is destroyed and its helping verb is have.

    If you post what you think are the simple predicates in the rest of the sentences, we'll be glad to check them for you.

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    Thanks so much Ms. Sue. I think i got it.

    1. Have destroyed.
    2. Can turn wood
    3. Damage
    4. Eat
    5. are workers
    6. contain
    7. have made
    8. live

    How did I do? BTW, i'm 10 :-)

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    i need an article about imersonnal senteces with IT

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    You're very welcome!

    Six of your answers are correct! Congratulations! :-)

    For number 2, can turn is the verb, but "wood" is a noun and not part of the simple predicate.

    The simple predicate in number 5 is are, but "workers" is a noun and not part of the simple predicate.

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    have destroyed
    can turn
    have made

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    Thanks everyone!

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    i kinda need help in english my friend tould me about this website i hope it helps.....can u help me

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    Can You Help Me With This Sentence? Most Of The Insects Are Workers Or Soldiers.

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    I have a question. what is the answer below where is says '' these insects are ... ?

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    ya what is the answer?

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    1. destroyed
    2. turn
    3. damage
    4. eat
    5. are
    6. contain
    7. made
    8. live

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