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A starship is crusing the interstellar with a velocity of 2174.799173 miles per second. How far would the starship have traveled in 2 years, 9 days and 4.50 hours?

I've spent several hours on this problem and still I cannot come up with the correct answer. So, how do I solve it? The correct answer in exponential form 2.23 x 10'11km, but I don't know how they got it.


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    convert the time to seconds

    4.50 hrs = 16,200s
    9 days= 777,600s
    2 years = 63 113 851.9s

    (2174.799173 mi/sec)*(total sec)*(1km/1000m)= ___________?

    this should give you the answer

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    I suspect you haven't changed miles to km.
    1.Convert 2174.799 miles/s to km/s.
    a. Then change s to min
    b. change min to hours
    c. change hours to days
    d. change days to years.
    e. multiply by 2 years.

    2. Take the answer to 1, go through 1a, 1b,and 1c, and multiply by 9 days.

    3. Take the answer to 1, go through 1a and 1b and multiply by 4.50 hours.

    4. Add the anwers to 1, 2, and 3.
    Check my thinking. I obtained the answer of 2.23 x 10^11 also.

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