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I need help with this question:

replace the underlined nouns in this paragraph with personal pronouns.Write the pronouns on the lines below. The nouns have a number right next to them for you to read.

Here is the paragraph:

Squanto was a Pawtuxet Indian man who came to the aid of the Pilgrims at the Plymouth Colony. The (1)Pilgrims were near starvation after a very bad winter. Squanto taught the (2)Pilgrims how to plant corn.(3)Squanto's showed the Pilgrims the best places to hunt and fish. (4)Squanto's ability to speak English came quite handy for the Pilgrims. Squanto acted as the (5)Pilgrims' interpreter with the Indian chief Massasoit when the two groups were working out a treaty. (6)Squanto proved (7)Squato's freindship with the Pilgrims many times. The (8)Pilgrims were grateful.

I need help on how to actually do this problem?

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    The personal pronouns are I, me, we, us, you, he, him, she, her, they, them. You are to change the underlined nouns to one of these pronouns.

    For instance, (1) The Pilgrims should be changed to They.
    (2) the Pilgrims = them

    If you post your answers to the rest of the paragraph, we'll be glad to check them.

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    Other personal pronouns are:
    my, mine, your, yours, his, hers, their

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