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(2.7 x 10^2) x (4.23 x 10^2)


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    well, when muliplying, the answer is limited to the number of significant digits of the least precise number: In this case, the 2.7 dominates as the least precise.

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    Does the answer have to be in scientific notation?
    If so, how would you figure it out?

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    you do 2.7 X 4.23=Y
    10^2 X 10^2=10^4
    and you get...
    Y X 10^4

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    Thanks Jenn.

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    There is also a way to do this in a graphic calculator...
    first put your calculator into degree and scientific mode
    Next type each problem in like this:
    (2.7,2) x (4.23,2) which will give you your answer. (*when u put the comma in, the calculator will show an E instead)

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