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I have a question on Qui est-ce? or Qu'est-ce que c'est? I have to choose which one to use. I know qui est-ce is who but can it also mean who's is it?

Qui est-ce/Qu'est-ce que c'est? -Une lettre de Jon

Qui est-ce/Qu'est-ce que c'est? -Le portefeuille d'Amy

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    who? whom? (persons) what? (things
    qui qu'est-ce qui
    qui est-ce qui


    qui que (qu')
    qui est-ce que (qu') qu'est-ce que (qu')


    qui quoi

    Qui le fera? Who will do it?
    Qui est-ce que le fera?

    Qu'est-ce qui est tombé? What fell?

    Qui cherchez-vous? Whom are you looking
    Qui est-ce que vous cherchez?

    Que cherchez-vous? What are you looking
    Qu'est-ce que vous cherchez?

    A qui pensez-vous? Of whom are you

    A quoi pensez-vous? Of what are you

    NOTE: 1. As an interrogative pronoun, "qui" may be used for persons in all three cases, as subject of a verb, as direct object of a verb, and after a preposition.

    2. The "e" of "que" is dropped before a word beginning with a vowel; the "i" of "qui" is never dropped.

    3. After the direct object forms "qui" and "que," the word order is inverted; after the long forms, the word order is regular.

    D'accord? I only put the ones you asked about. Let me know when you are ready for "whose?" "which? what? " (adjective) and "which what one(s)?" (pronoun). So just let me know when you are ready for the rest of them!


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    @- SraJMcGin:
    Permettez moi de corriger une erreur :

    On dit "Qui est-ce QUI le fera? " et non pas Qui "est-ce que le fera?"

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