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SPANISH one more ??

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in the following sentence I am to cirle the indirect object pronouns and draw an arrow to the direct object they stand for.

A mi me gusta ir de compras. Es muy divertido comprar regalos para mi famililia y mis amigos.

MY ANSWSER is this correct.
** cirled me arrow to a mi
** cirled los in regalos arrow to mi famililia

  • SPANISH one more ?? -

    Muy bien!

  • SPANISH one more ?? -

    Hola, otra vez. Since we can't draw circles and it's a bit difficult to draw arrows (-----> or <-----) Or ,at least it is hard to read!

    #1 The indirect object pronoun (IOP) is "me" = to me
    The direct object (DO) is "ir de compras" = to go shoping.
    Literally the sentence says "Shopping/To go shopping" IS pleasing to me. (A mí)

    In the next one: "to buy gifts or comprar regalos" is the DO and "for my family and for my friends" the IND are "mi familia = check spelling" and "mis amigos."

    I will post the charts IF I can post. Unfortunately everything is on my computer but it rarely will copy and post to Jiskha!


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