French for "Miche"

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Bonjour encore une fois! (Hello again.) You have mentioned nothing about vocabulary. Would you like some expressions, etc.? I can't wait until you learn the animals because I have some terrific sites for that. You used to be able to "hear" the sounds for free, but be very cautious on Websites because they now want to "telecharge" you. Watch for the word "telecharger" and avoid that!


  • French for "Miche" -

    Bonjour! So far, we've cover some basic greetings, numbers, nationalities, professions, and now we're starting to learn about clothing.
    Yea, I would like to know some useful expressions.

  • French for -

    Salut! If your book has good lists of those things I won't worry about them. If not, let me know and I'll post lists for you. I know you already have the nationalities.

    I'll get some things ready on the other vocabulary for you anyway!


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