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One model train travels around a loop every 5 minutes. The other travels on anothe loop every 4 minutes. If they begin at the same point at the same time, how much time will pass before they meet at that point again?

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    The rate for the first is one loop per 5min, the other one loop per four minutes. The combined rate is the sum of these:

    1loop= (lloop/5min + 1loop/4min)*time

    time= 1/(1/5 + 1/4) minutes

    This is somewhat tricky to get combined, if you wish, you can make decimas..

    time= 1/(.2+.25)= 1/.45 and you take it from there.

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    200,000=?thousands ? ten thousands ? hundred thousands

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    time= 1/.45= 2.2 seconds.

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    oops..time= 2.2 minutes.

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