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Can you help me with this question?

A parent-teacher study meeting
should NOT include:

1. classes on setting up a home library.

2. information about the importance of

3. a "make it/take it" class on
homemade reading materials.

4. a teacher-parent conference.

would (3) a "make it/take it class on homemade reading materials
Not be included in a parent-teacher study meeting?

I am not real sure I've chosen the most appropriate answer. Please help!

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    I'm not familiar with the term "parent-teacher study meeting." What does your text say about it?

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    Its Kind of like an out-reach program.

    My text states:

    "Some possible themes of study meetings include:the effects of television viewing on children's language development,bilingualism,free and inexpensive home toys that promote language. Other high priority topics to discuss include:
    1.parents showing concerns over their children's articulation and vocabulary
    2. Sharing information on social interaction techniques that the staff
    uses to increase children speech by listening,following children's lead,
    and expanding conversation is very important.
    3.The child's home access to creative materials,such as drawing and marking tools.
    4. Parents need to know how influential
    they are in modeling an interest in and posititve attitude toward writing,
    speaking, and reading.
    5. Reading picture books and sharing stories with the family at home will stimulate children's desire for more.
    Discussing quality and advertising books can combat a television dominance in the home.
    6. Parents may have many questions about reading and writing and the alphabet letters."

    this is about all my text states, I reaaly donot know if my answer is correct.

    please help!

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    This looks as if these parent study meetings are held in groups. If that is the case, then #4 is the one that should NOT be included because a parent-teacher conference is about only one child. This would not be helpful for the other parents, not to mention the privacy issue, especially if the child is having a tough time of it all.

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    Thank you for copying your text information.

    According to it, the purpose of a parent-teacher study meeting is to teach the parents about preschool education in general. The first three choices do that. A make-it/take-it workshop for homemade reading materials fits that purpose. I assume it would include such things as making signs that label the bed, wall, floor, and stove.

    The one thing your text doesn't mention is a parent-teacher conference. A parent-teacher conference is an individual conference between the teacher and the parent(s). They discuss the child, his progress in school, and pertinent home conditions.

    Therefore, the only answer is 4. A parent-teacher study meeting should NOT include a parent-teacher conference.

  • This is for Writeacher----please read! -

    sorry-- I forgot to mention the text states: "the center's staff, parents,outside experts, or films can
    present ideas to be studied and discussed.

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    That goes along with both Writeacher's and my answers.

    A parent-teacher study meeting is a group meeting with several parents.

    A parent-teacher conference is only between the teacher and the parents of one child.

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    thank you for the enlightment.

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    As a point of reference, parent teacher meetings discussing a child should never be done in a public forum, in hallways, or such. Only in private offices, conference rooms, etc, with no interuptions, and no open doors, ever. There are a zillion reasons why this should be so. Also, never in homes because you as a teacher cannot control the environment, who will be there, and provide for your safety.

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