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Do you have a French name for class? My favorite would be "Miche" for you! What do you think?

Today I'd like to tell you about TPR or Total Physical Response. We did a lot of that in class but you can do some things at home as well. For example, for vocabulary:

Label things in your house, such as a "chair." Now it becomes "la chaise" when you look at, sit on it, move it, etc. Now you will internalize or physically relate to "la chaise" forgetting "chair" altogether.

Since you are using Adjectives of Nationality here's an exercise we would do. Of course, you would need to know the name of the people, the country and the language. Anyone could point to country on the world map. This is also good for Geography which many students don't seem to know. Then, selecting anyone who wanted to try, see if they could look at a map of France (for example) to say: Les français (or, using nouns "Les Français, etc.") et les françaises parlent français en France. (or something similar.) My favorite was "la Suisse" because "Les Suisses parlent français, italien ou allemand en Suisse."

OK, now I'll work on "verbs" for you!


  • French for Mischa -

    We didn't need a french name for class, but Miche sounds nice.

    And thanks for doing this, I really appreciate it.

  • French for Mischa -

    Eh bien! (OK then) C'est Miche. (Miche it is!)


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