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#1. The Iliad is a work that describes events related to the
A) founding of Minoan culture
B) early battles of the Persian Wars.
C) attack on the Dorians on Mycenae
D) Mycencean attack on the coastal of Troy

#2. Which one of the following is NOT true ancient Greek life?
A) Each polis had its own language and religion
B) Each polis had its owb government, coinage, and military
C) The coty-states of Greece were fierce rivals
D) The city-states of Greece united against the Persians

#3. The Greeks are distinct from other ancient civilizations in thier
A) love of wisdom
B) desire for immortality
C) laws against social injustice
D) emphasis on stories about the gods

#4. That the Iliad was improvised orally and not written down is shown by
A) the many lapses in plot structure
B) Homer;s blindness
C) Homer's use of repated metric formulae
D) the lack of visual realism

  • Humanities (Multiple Questionst) -

    Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. If you'll let us know what YOU think the answers are (and why, if you can), then we have a better chance of helping you.

    Please repost with what YOU think the answers are.



  • Humanities (Multiple Questionst) -


  • Humanities (Multiple Questionst) -

    Here are some online articles that should help you figure them out:


  • Humanities (Multiple Questionst) -

    #3. The Greeks are distinct from other ancient civilizations in their?

    D) emphasis on stories about the gods

  • Humanities (Multiple Questionst) -


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