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Based on all the questions I've asked. I believe there are no mistakes in these sentences?

-J'aime la musique japonaise.
-J'ai un frere, il a vingt sept ans.
-Elle a vingt ans.
-Elle est jeune, elle est jolie. (Should I use jolie or belle?)
-Elle aime la danse, le ski et le cinema americain. (with accents)

P.S. So far the grammar in my text is about masculin and feminin, (le la; chinois, chinoise; joli, jolie) and some conjugaison. (etre, aimer...)

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    whats hello in greek

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    Hello, Helen. Firt of all, when you post under French/Mischa everyone assumes it's a question on French. Be sure next time to select "Post a New Question" or it might not get answered.

    You have a choice on "Hello:"
    Greek (Greece, Cyprus) Geia sou

    Greek (Greece, Cyprus) Geia sas

    Greek (Greece, Cyprus) Geia

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    Salut, Mischa. You are doing well! Have you figured out how to do the accents yet?

    frère; = not a run-on sentence, so just add a semicolon. vingt-sept (hyphenated)
    After Elle est jeune, another semicolon to avois a run-on sentence. The adjective depends upon the "degree" of prettiness! joli/jolie = pretty and beau/belle = beautiful, handsome

    When you say (with accents) I only hope you know "where."

    O.K. I'll be typing a few grammar points for you.


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    I figured I rather do the accents by hand. lol
    Yeah, I am pretty sure where the accent goes.

    I was just wondering, how many languages do you know? You seem to know quite a lot.

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    LOVE this question! Since I taught English, Spanish, French and studied 19 different languages, my students always asked:

    How many languages do you speak?

    My answer: One at a time!

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    Wow, that's amazing!

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