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Career in medicine?

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I am a senior in high school and I am considering going into medicine when I graduate. When I say medicine I don't mean nursing, I have always wanted to be a doctor. I will say that I am "financially challenged". I know that med school is expensive to say the least. Should I just start out as a nurse and work my way up in the field or is it possible for a person with low finances to get into med school?It really is my dream!

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    Getting into med school as nothing to do with finances. Getting to med school depends on grades, MCAT, and activities.

    Now once in, there are a few (very few) scholarships, but after the first year, student low cost loans are readily available.

    If I were you , I would talk to a college counselor at a nearby campus who has a med school near.

    I have one son who went to med school on scholarship, and one daughter who went on loans.

    Getting into med school is the goal you ought to be working toward. It is very selective, and you ought to get some good counseling on that.

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