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I asked this question yesterday.
I still need help with it.

Hannah's mother said,
"Hannah is such a pencil-and-paper kid."
It is likely that Hannah:

A. will be an artist

B. will learn to write,forming her
letters perfectly.

C. will be a good reader

D. does not enjoy being read to.

I know the correct answer is either:

(B) will learn to write,forming her
letters perfectly.


(C) will be a good reader

I done a google search. I typed in
D. Durkin (1996)"pencil-and-paper kid.
According to Durkin a pencil and paper
kid is a child who is an early reader or an early writer.

Please do the google search for yourself- and let me know if you think
(B) will learn to write,forming her letters perfectly.


(C)will be a good reader.

I am kinda thinking (C)would be a better answer because, if she is an early reader wouldn't she become a good reader?

If she is an early writer she wouldn't
form her letters perfectly.

Please give help on this question.

which would be a better answer?

B or C?

  • Early Child Ed. -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. I did not try this question yesterday, but hopefully something here will help you. A child learns to read before he/she writes. Writing is the final step after listening, repeating, reading, writing.

    1. http://www.ifg-inc.com/Consumer_Reports/LearnToRead.html

    2. http://members.aol.com/homehwy/learnread.html

    3. http://www.mrhall.org/books/govreading/WriteAndTalk.html

    4. http://www.ed.gov/Family/RWN/Activ97/early.html

    What exactly is the age of this child?

  • Early Child Ed. -

    This question is on my assignment--no age given.

  • Early Child Ed. -

    I am confused on this question.

  • Early Child Ed. -

    Anonymous -- there is no "right" answer for this question. Whoever made up this question didn't consider its ramifications and the confusion it causes.

    The term "pencil and paper kid" is ambiguous and means different things to different mothers.

    From your research, you can see that both answers (B and C) may be correct. The child may learn to read or write at an early age. But, being a "pencil and paper kid," according to the mother, doesn't determine which of these choices is most likely to occur.

    Even teachers make mistakes. The person who devised this question and the choices of answers made a mistake because there could be two correct answers.

  • Ms. Sue -

    Which one should I put?
    which do you consider to be the better answer?

  • Early Child Ed. -

    Please use your judgment. As a prospective classroom paraprofessional, you'll find many times when you need to use your judgment to help children.

  • Early Child Ed. -

    The answer is (C)

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