French, for Mischa

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By now the "chart" for accent marks on the computer is at the end of your posting on page 2. If you have anything further to ask, it would be wise to use "Post a New Question" so it's not lost!


  • French, for Mischa -

    Thanks, SraJMcGin.

  • French, for Mischa -

    P.S. Here's one I gave to most of my students. It's not as complete but easier to read:

    The Accents on the PC:

    Whenever you want to write the accents just make sure that your NUM LOCK (the top right side of your keyboard) is on; then, hold down the ALT key on the bottom left side of your keyboard and press the corresponding numbers (given below) on your number pad at the same time:

    Accents and Corresponding Numbers to hold down

    à=133 é=130 ï=139 ô=147 û=150 ~=126
    â=131 è=138 î=140 ö=148 ù=151 ñ=164
    ä=132 É=144 ì=141 ó=162 ú=163 Ñ=165
    Ä=142 ê=136 í=161 ò=149 ü=129 ¡=173
    á=160 ë=137 Ö=153 Ü=154 ¿=168
    æ=145 œ=0156 ç=135
    Æ=146 Ç=128

    We are sure that you will enjoy trying all the accents and punctuation. Suggestion: create some stickers and place them around your screen so that you have your codes at all times.

    Here are just the French accents; hold down ALT and press:

    130 and you have é
    136 and you have ê
    138 and you have è
    137 and you have ë
    133 and you have à
    131 and you have â
    150 and you have û
    151 and you have ù
    135 and you have ç
    147 and you have ô
    140 and you get î (s'il te plaît)

    In case you could use the "hcart" for making accents on the computer, PC with Windows (which it looks like you have):

    Use the ALT key, and press the corresponding numbers on your number pad at the same time, (make sure number lock is on):

    Windows, IBM compatible

    á = alt + 0255
    é = alt + 0233
    í = alt + 0237
    ú = alt + 0250

    ñ = alt + 0241
    ¡ = alt + 0161
    ¿ = alt + 0191
    ó = alt + 0243

    To make accents in a PC:

    In Control Panel, open Keyboard.
    In keyboard properties: change to US, International.

    Click ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, etc. you are all set.

    In Main/Control Panel, open International.
    Change Keyboard to US International
    ok,ok,ok,ok etc. Reboot and you're all set. I have personally done this and it works for me just fine... Dawn

    á (accentuated a)= apostrophe and then a
    é (accentuated e) = apostrophe and then e
    í (accentuated i) = apostrophe and then i
    ó (accentuated o) = apostrophe and then oSpanish, PC, Windows98
    ú (accentuated u) = apostrophe and then u
    ü (daeresis u) = shift+apostrophe and then u
    ¿ = ctrl+alt+? (in some programs left alt+0191) (in the number pad with caps lock on)
    ¡ = ctrl+alt+1 (in some programs left alt+0161)
    ñ = ctrl+alt+n (in some programs left alt+0241)

    Accents on the MAC:

    é = option, letter "e" and then the letter you want that accent on
    è = option plus ` and then the letter you want that accent on
    ¿ = option, shift and ?
    ñ = option and letter n twice
    ¡ = option and ! key
    ü = option and u
    î = option and "i" twice
    ç = option and "c"
    Ç = option, shift and "c"
    œ = option and "q"
    Π= option, shift and "q"
    € = option, shift and 2

    I'm glad I use my MAC!


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