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Elem. Ed.

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Please look over these questions and my answers to see if I have chosen the most appropriate answer.

1. Luis is being introduced to the
finger play "Friends at Play."
It is very likely that Luis will:

A. do the finger movements first.

B. learn the words first.

C. not participate if he doesn't
understand the words.

D. learn the words and movements

2. Children learn:

A.)only when teachers use puppets.

B.)only when they use puppets

C.)very little with puppets.

D.)from teachers and themselves when
puppets are used.

#1. (C)
#2. (D)

  • Elem. Ed. -

    I agree with your choice for #2.

    Are you assuming that Luis has come into the class knowing no English? (#1)


  • Elem. Ed. -

    I'm not familiar with "Friends at Play," but I assume it's a story accompanied by finger movements. If that's the case, most young children will imitate the finger movements, even if they don't understand the words. It looks like A is the best answer.

    I visited a class of 4- and 5-year olds in Vietnam recently. One of the Americans led the children and teachers in the movement song, "Hokey Pokey." Of course the children didn't understand the words, but they participated in the body movements (put your right foot in, etc.)

    Your second answer is right.

  • Ms. Sue -- this is for you----------------- Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -

    On question #1- if you feel answer (C)
    is wrong-- and you feel (A) is a better answer, please explain why (D) wouldn't be a better answer.

  • Ms. Sue -- this is for you----------------- Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -

    maybe because D doesn't make sense, and A makes more sense as the correct answer as compared to D??

  • Elem. Ed. -

    In my experience most young children are more visual than auditory learners. However, your text may have a different perspective. Does it address auditory versus visual learning in young children?

  • Ms, Sue-- this for you--please read!!! -

    Ms. Sue, my text doesn't address auditory versus visual learning--
    but choice (D) shouldn't even be considered as the most appropriate answer because children do not do the words first and then the movements.
    They do movements first.
    So, that leaves (A) as the only choice.

  • Ms, Sue-- this for you--please read!!! -

    Yes. You're right. Children learn movements first. A is the correct answer.

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