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I need to find the subject and the verb in each sentence. If the subject is understood, write (you). Can someone tell me if I am on the right track?

1.Have you ever heard stories about dragons? Subject-dragons, verb-stories

2.Picture a yellow-speckled, olive-green creature with short yellow spines down the center of its back. subject-creature, verb-picture

3.Look! I think this is just (you)

4.Does it have a third eye on top of its head?subject-eye, have-verb

5.Indeed it has! I think this is (you)

6. Meet the tuatara, one of the rarest creatures on earth. subject-tuatara, rarest-verb

7. Where does it live? subject-it, does- verb

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    1. The verb is have heard. To find the subject, ask who has heard.

    The subject can't be dragons because it's in a prepositional phrase. The verb can't be stories because verbs show action.

    2. You're right about the verb, picture. Who is supposed to picture? Who's doing this action?

    3. The verb is think. Who is thinking?

    4. You're right about have as the verb. But there's also a helping verb.
    You can turn this sentence around to make it easier to find the subject and verb.
    It does have a third eye on top of its head.

    5. You isn't doing anything, so isn't the subject. Please try again.

    6. Sorry. Tuatara is the object of the verb meet, so it isn't the subject. Rarest isn't the verb; it's an adjective, describing creatures. Who is supposed to meet?

    7. You're mostly right on this one. :-) The subject is it. Does is a helping verb. What is the main verb?

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    1. Subject-you, verb-have heard
    2. verb-picture, I still think creature is the subject???
    4.verb-does have, subject-eye
    6.I still think the subject is tuatara or it could be creatures, verb-meet
    7.subject-it, verb-live

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    1. Correct. You have heard

    2. The subject is (you). It's a request or command, so it's an imperative sentence. (You) picture. Creature is the direct object of the verb picture. The creature is not picturing.

    4. Right on the verb. But eye is not the subject. It does have.

    6. You're right that Meet is the verb. This is another imperative sentence, asking that (you) meet this creature.

    7. Correct. :-) it does live

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