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Physics (help plz)

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A body of mass 20kg is transferred from earth (grams=weight newton kg) to another planet where G=2 Newton kg,
1.Wat is the mass on earth?
2.wat is the wieght on earth?
3.wat is the mass on the other planet?
4.wat is the weight on the other planet?

  • Physics (help plz) -

    I assume you meant that the gravitaional field constant is 2N/kg

    Weight= mass*gravitationalfieldconstant

    The gravitational field constant on earth is 9.8N/kg

  • Physics (help plz) -

    i don't get wat u talkin about that's not wat i get in class so plz can u make it easier?

  • Physics (help plz) -

    I have also answered this question, somewhere else. Please avoid multiple posts of the same question. I have counted four of this one.

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