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Please look over-
1.) Find the area of a rectangle in which the base measures 20 centimeters and the height is half the length of the base.
My Answer= area= 200cm squared

2.) Find the area of a parallelogram in which the height measures 14 inches and the base measures 6 inches more than the height.
My Answer= 68in squared
Thanks. A lot.

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    Your first answer is correct. 20 * 10 = 200 square centimeters.

    The second answer is not correct. The height is 14 inches and the base is 20 inches. The formula is A = b * h

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    I don't know how I got 68. Would this be correct: a= 280in squared? Or am I still off?

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    You've got it now. The area of the parallelogram is 280 square inches.

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    Great! Thank you. Pretty much I really only need help on the circles and that other post below (the one that hasn't been answered) and then I should be done- Finally!=)

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    I'm going to pass on the post I haven't answered. I'm a little confused about the directions, but perhaps another teacher can help you out.

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