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I would appreciate some help if poss I am really stuck.

I have an equation t = kpxd^2
I have to find the SI units of K

SI units of t = s
p = kg^-3
x = m
d = m
k is constant

I am really pulling my hair out on this one?

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    so use the units to give you the answer

    s = k * (kg^-3) * (m) * (m)

    s = k * (kg^-3) * (m^2)

    You have to end up with seconds on the right side


    k has to have units to get rid of the (kg^-3) and the (m^2) and you have to end in seconds


    to get rid of (kg^-3) you need (kg^3)
    to get rid of (m^2) you need (m^-2)
    to end up in seconds k needs to have s in it


    k ---> s(kg^3)(m^-2)

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    Oh! I see now, thanks very much.

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