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is the american dream available to everyone?

what criteria should be used to determine when, if ever, the govn`t should be able to limit an individual ability to:
a. believe as one chooses

b. practice one`s beliefs

c.use one`s own property

d. associate with whoever one chooses

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    The Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights (first ten amendments).


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    These are debatable, legally, morally, and culturally. They were debated when the founding fathers created our country, and still are. Nowadays, the Supreme Court rules in the debate. We will be happy to critique your thinking.

    Consider the current events:

    The trial of "rape" undergoing now as a side issue in polygamy.

    Muslums gathering for prayer and communion and a few radicals come there occassionally.

    Prayer in public schools. Prayer at football games.

    Chapels in public hospitals with Christian crosses on the walls.

    Spanking of ones own children (as if they were one's property)

    Gun ownership.

    Dress codes.

    and so on.

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