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I need to have some problems checked and I need help with one of them.

Determine which two functions are invereses of each other.

1. f(x)=5x, g(x)=x/5, h(x)=5/x
-I got that f(x) and g(x) are invereses

2. f(x)=x-2/2, g(x)=2x-2, h(x)=x+2/2
- I got that none are invereses.

5. f(x)=x^4 -3, g(x)=4th square root -3, h(x)=x^4 + 3
-I am not too sure how to find the inverse on this one.

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    1. Correct

    2. The inverse of (x-2)/2 is f^-1(x) = 2x -2
    f and g are inverse functions

    5. If f(x) = y,
    x = (y+3)^(1/4)
    f^-1(x) = (x+3)^(1/4)
    That one has no inverse listed.
    If h(x)= x^4 + 3
    y = x^4 +3
    (y-3)^(1/4) = x
    h^-1(x) = (x-3)^(1/4)
    This may be the same as g(x), but I think you typed g(x) incorrectly, leaving out an x

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