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Math Word Problems

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Citydog Screen Printers received two orders for a t-shirt designed for a math symposium. The first order was for 40 shirts at a total cost of $295 and the second order was for an additional 80 shirts at a total cost of $565. Each order included a shipping and handling charge.

Then we have to writer a linear equation, for which I got: y-27/4x+25. We also had to find the cost per t-shirt, for which I got: $31.75. The last part I don't understand, however: fidn the shipping and handling charge.

If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

The second word problem is:
It costs Consolidated Cereals Corporation $1050 to produce 100 boxes of corn flakes and $1250 to produce 500 boxes. I found the cost function: c(x)=1/2x+1000 but don't know how to determine the fixed cost and the variable cost per box (mainly because I have no idea what those are.)

Once again, thanks in advance.

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    I don't agree with your solution to the first question.

    Cost= m x+b

    x is the cost per shirt, b is the handling charge

    subtract the first equation from the second:
    370=40x solve for m, the cost of each shirt. Then solve for b, put all that into y= mx+b
    One the second question,
    Cost= variable cost * n + Fixedcosts or
    cost= n*v+F

    subtract the second equation from the first
    200=400v solve for v, and it is 1/2 dollar. Solve for f, the fixed cost, and it looks as if it is 1000 dollars.

  • Math Word Problems -

    Thanks for your help, but my teacher wanted me to use point-slope form to solve the equations rather than subtracting one equation from the other. Do you know how to do that?

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