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Hi,I need help on a couple of questions.
Please give your opinion on each question and let me know if you feel my answers are wrong. (Thanks)

1. Using an attache case for a
flannel board is not a good
idea when:

A. you are presenting to only
one child.

B. you are presenting to the
whole class.

C. there are a lot of pieces.

D. the flannel board needs to
be moved easily.

2. Miss Griggs is preparing pieces
for a flannel board story.
She must:

A. use store-bought pieces since
the children will enjoy them more.

B. place all the pieces on the board
before beginning the story so they
are easily accessible.

C. make the ant smaller than the dog.

D. use pieces with lots of detail
and small parts.

1. (B) you are presenting to the
whole class.

2. (c) make the ant smaller than the

I am pretty sure question number one
is right, but not sure about question two. In question two, shouldn't you try to perserve the size relationship between characters(such as between a
mouse and a human figure)as well as
the cultural and ethnic diversity of characters?

What do you think?
Is #1 right?
Is #2 right?

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    I'm not sure about #1, but I believe you're right about #2.


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    Brenda, you've gotten both #1 and #2 right. :-) An attache case is too small to use as a flannel board for a whole class. Preserving the size differential between the characters is very important.

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