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Create a political pamphlet from a colonists point of view protesting an act of parliament or commenting on a political action.For example the stamp act,navigation act,townshend act, or the intolerable act.

This pamphlet is going to be distributed to the colonies and its purpose is to try and get support to go to war agaisnt britain.

any ideas on what to do?

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    tea taxes?

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    You could also explore stamp acts, enacted at various times.
    Be sure to scroll down and read about the stamp act Britain enacted on the American colonies in 1765.


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    Do not forget to emphasize the other part of the question which is asking you to galvanize public opinion against the British Crown and for the colonies to revolt.

    You might to read about Thomas Paine and his pamphlet "Common Sense" that was used for the above purpose.

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    These new taxes were an atempt for the British to remain in control of the New World. British leaders were scared of the eminant revolt and wanted to keep bussiness in the New world in check.

    If colonist refused the taxes the British could refuse the goods. The colonists did not have anyone else to trade with on the large scale.

    Hard times ahead but independence is worth it!

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