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Please check my answers:

Why does a brick weigh 1 kilogram. Explain.

-Is it because the matter in the brick is the gravitational pull between the brick and the earth?

When one water drop falls from a facet, and then a few minutes later another drop. How will the drop come out:

My choices are:
greather the other
farther than other
the same as the other

  • Physics -

    same, bc they don't get greater, and they usually drop in the same place

  • Physics -

    Hate to be picky. While the mass of the brick may be 1 kg its weight is 9.8 N.

    This is because the mass is a property of the brick so no matter where you take it its mass is 1 kg.

    The weight, which is a force, is mass x acceleration (m x a) so if the brick is on Earth its weight is

    1 kg x 9.8 m s^2 = 9.8 N

    But if the brick was on the moon where the value of the acceleration due to gravity is less its weight is less than on Earth. (about 1.6 N).

    So it weighs 9.8 N due the gravitatioal pull between the brick and the Earth, but no matter where it is it will have a mass of 1 kg.

    Hope this helps.

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