chemistry stoichiometry

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My chem teacher gave us this problem
Twelve-gauge copper wire,like the kind commonly used in residential electrical systems, is roughly cylindrical and has a diameter of approximately .1040in. Copper's density is 8.92g/cubic cm and copper atoms have an approximate atomic radius of 135 pm.
a.Calculate the number of atoms it would take to span the thickness, that is, diameter, of one of these wires. Express this value as a number of atoms and a number of moles to atoms.
b.calculate the mass,in grams, of a 100ft piece of copper wire.
c.How many moles of copper atoms would be found in a piece of this wire that is exactly 100ft long? How many atoms?
I tried to convert pm to meters and converting .1040 and then dividing but I don't know if I did it right---Please Help me!!!!!

  • chemistry stoichiometry -

    It would be far simpler for you to show your calculations and let us check them than for us to work the problems, take the time to post, and let you check our work.

  • chemistry stoichiometry -

    please i cant solve it

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