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what abstacles might one encounter in human services that would prevent you from meeting the needs of homeless people?

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    What obstacles do you think you might encounter that would prevent you from meeting the needs of homeless people? We'll be glad to comment after we see your answer for this question.

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    The real issue is what does "meeting the needs" mean. Opinions vary greatly on that, even within the professional ranks. You might think on that.

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    I know what you are saying here with"meeting the need" I am finding a lot on non-profit and faith based organizations being the biggest help to homeless so I am thinking if we didn't have these organizations the homelesss would really suffer but was trying to find something big on what the local and federal governments are doing to help with the homeless population. Like Job outsourcing can they not stop this from going on to keep jobs here for american people or maybe cut down on the number of people coming to this country to live and then we have the cost of living verus the wages it just doesn't seem to be working for us. So kind of lost here on just what to say i9n my essay. the real quetion is... consider also future trends and changes that may be needed in relation to social policy for issues to be resolved for your target population to have their needs satisfied? I am writing on Homeless population

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    forgot to say afordable housing

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    I have been thinking on your question, it would be silly for me to tell you to live the homeless life with them a few days, as it could be dangerous. Here is a better alternatative. Why don't you visit a Salvation Army shelter a few times? You will be enlightened on a very complex problem. I was enlightened by working a soup kitchen at lunch for a few weeks. What you hear as quick solutions have no validity, that is why the problems persist. I recommend some first hand experience, your essay will flow quickly.

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    thank you. This is a good idea. I just know I feel so bad for these people in the winter time i see them sleeping in a train station or behind dumpsters and just think why can we not do something to help these people and how did they get this way? I think i have taking on a big project here but it is important to me to find out about this issues in america

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