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Can you help my roommates and I to determine the best answer for this question?

After sharing a book with a group of
children,the teacher should always:

A. determine if discussion is necessary.

B. ask questions to assess listening

C. sit quietly to allow for thought.

D. read another book on a related topic.

I say example (A)is the best answer,however;my roommate says
example (C)is the best answer.
Any opinion?

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    My choice is B. When a story is read to children, they are passive and the teacher can't know what they are thinking and learning. Asking questions involves the children so they become active learners. The questions and the answers also review the story and emphasizes the key points. Of course, these questions and answers help the teacher assess listening comprehension.

    For A, I think any book worth reading is worth discussing. For C, sitting quietly for more than a few seconds is not appropriate for young children. Presumably they've been thinking as they hear the story.

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    I agree with Ms. Sue. "B" is the best answer when you're dealing with young children, pre-K or K especially.


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    Of course, B. I cant think of a time in chemistry when I shared textual information that I did not follow up with comprehension questions.

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    Absolutely B. How else will you assess comprehension.

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