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We have to write a paper on characters who have been shunned. Give that person a letter (like Scarlett Letter) and tell about an apology for what they did. Person can be anyone from Billy the Kid to Martha Stewart. Any ideas???
Where can e get a paper like this for free. We need collaborative HELP!!!


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    First, why would anyone GIVE a stranger a well-written paper? Why would a student want to take a chance on another person's work? And, why would experienced teachers tell a student how to cheat?

    Check these sites to get some ideas for your paper.


    (Broken Link Removed)

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    Do you want good grades? The best way is to learn the subject. When you cheat, you only cheat yourself as you won't know the informstion that the next assignment or the next year's teacher will expect you to know. This assignment is trying to get you to think about how to deal with others and how to put your thoughts into words. This is an important skill that you will definitely need for the rest of your life, let alone this class. Take the time to do your own work. Then you can be proud of your grade, whatever it is.

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