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1. What would you measure your mass with?
a. mg b. g c. kg

2. What is a simpler way to write 12d+7d+5-3d+2d? (add together all the numbers with hdh keep the hdh after the total)

My Guesses:
1. kg
2. I have two answers:
I am pretty sure it is: 24d-5
my other answer (I do not think this one is write) is: 18d+5

Please help me! Thank you so much.

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    a. Yes, kg is more convenient, but you really could use any of those units.

    b. 18d+5 is the correct answer

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    How did u figure #2 out?

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    12d, 7d, 2d and -3d add up to +18d.
    The +5 doesn't get added to anything else.

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