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Language/Listening Skills

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Which activity would be the least likely
to encourage listening skills?

A.) Mr. Greer told his students about
the first time he rode a bicycle.
He asked Eric to tell him about
his first time on a bike.

B.) Mr. Greer told the children that
his favorite kind of ice-cream
was chocolate. He asked them to
write the kind they liked best.

C.) Serena told Mr. Greer about her
cat that had died. Mr. Greer told
Serena about his cat.

D.) Mr. Greer read the first few pages
of "The Very Quiet Cricket" to his
class and then asked Anthony what
he thought the cricket should do.

Would example (B) be the least likely
to encourage listening skills?

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    (B) is what I think also. Are you sure?

  • Language/Listening Skills -

    C. is the only different answer. In A, B, and D, Mr. Greer asks the children for their experiences and opinions. In C, Mr. Greer didn't respond to Serena's concern about her cat, but instead talked about his cat. Serena wouldn't be interested at that point in Mr. Greer's cat. I'm sure most kids would tune out his remarks about his cat because they weren't involved.

    We listen carefully when we are involved and interested.

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