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Math (Sorry, Forgot to add Part B)

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The Pleasant Valley Library is moving to a larger building. To get ready for the move, the staff is packing all of the books into boxes. The library owns 35,000 books. On average, each book measures 8 inches by 10 inches by 2 inches. Each box measures 2 feet by 2.5 feet by 1.5 feet.

A) About how many boxes will it take to store all of the books? Round to the nearest box.

Part B:

The library uses a truck to carry the boxes of books to the new location. The cargo space in the truck measures 1.5 yards by 4 yards by 2.5 yards. How many trips will it take for the truck to carry all the books to the new building?

  • Math (Sorry, Forgot to add Part B) -

    Please post what you've done to solve these problems. We'll be glad to help you then.

  • Math (Sorry, Forgot to add Part B) -

    For Part A:

    I multiplied 2*3*2= 12 feet
    Then I multiplied 10*8*2=160 feet

    Then I divided 35000 by 13 and got 2692.3, then I rounded it to 2, 692. Is this right?

    Part B:

    I really don't understand this one. I tried but I just can't get the answer.

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