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how do i say the following in the future tense?

1)What housework shall i have to do ?
2)Do i have to work at weekends?
3)shall i have my own room?
4)shall i have to speak French well?
5)What will my Salary be?
6)Will i be able to go out in the evening?

i have worked some of them out but i am not sure if i have done them in the right way could someone please correct them for me?:
1)Quelle ménage je ferai?
2)je ferai la ménage à eekends?
3)je aurai on chambre posséder?
4)est-ce qu'il faudrait bien parler fançais?
5)quelle agent je reservais?/combien vous argent pour moi?
6)??je pourrai sortir à soir???

i really think i did them in the wrong way...

if anyone have any sites that have examples and shows you how to form French sentences in the past tense or the future tense please let me know ok?


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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum.

    1. (le ménage, masc.) = Quel ménage. For question either "est-ce que je ferai OR ferai-je?" The second is not as pleasant to the ear.

    2. Est-ce que je ferai le ménage les weekends? (OR "Il faudra faire, etc.")

    3. Don't forget liason = J'aurai ma propre chambre?

    4. faudrait is the Conditional = would. Est-ce qu'il faudra parler français bien? (OR parler bien le, etc.)

    5. Qu'est-ce qui sera mon salaire?

    6. Est-ce que je pourrai sortir le soir?

    I'll come back with the sentences you'd like but in case you need this part quickly, I'll post it first.

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    P.S. Here are sentences in the past (you didn't specify passé composé or l'imparfait but more people have difficulty with the passé composé) and future. It would help to know what level French you are taking, the textbook you have and if you need a review of (for example) French I first! Even with my French IV/V we began with a review of French I (the basics), followed by French II, etc. Most of the errors students make actually come from French I, believe it or not!

    1. passé composé (do you need a review on how to form it, all the irregular past participles, the use in interrogative, negative sentences, etc.?) What about verbs taking être instead of avoir? Dr & Mrs Vandertramp.

    Avez-vous mangé les oeufs ce matin?
    La nuit est déjà tombée.
    Il a couvert la voiture.
    Elle n'est pas devenue infirmière.
    Le dîner lui a plu.
    Ne sont-ils pas revenus de la bibliotèque?
    Je n 'ai pas fini.
    Tu ne m'as pas fait les devoirs.

    2. le futur: (Do you need a list of the irregular verbs? It will be the same list for the Conditional.

    Nous ne vendrons la maison.
    Je devrai mettre les choses dans la cuisine.
    Iront-elles à l'école aujourd'hui?
    La dactylo ne lui enverra la lettre.
    Tu ne pourras m'aider?
    Que ferez-vous ce soir?

    I'll look for the list of all the reviews I used with my students (if it's still on my computer) and then you can ask for anything you'd like.

  • French -

    PPS. Unfortunately all of them are not still on my computer, but here are some. If there is anything else (for example, Subjunctive) that isn't here, let me know because I can redo it if necessary.


    pages subject

    1 - 2 Index (2)
    3 - Les Instructions (1)
    4 - 5 Basic Expressions (2)
    5 - 6 Greetings & Farewells (1-1/2)
    6 - 7 Time of Day
    7 - 8 Colors (1)
    8 - Weather (1)
    8 - 10 Days, Months, Seasons, Holidays (1)
    Seasons, Main Holidays (1)
    10 - 15 Questions (5)
    16 - 18 Interrogative Words (3)

    19 - 23 Present Tense regular -er Verbs: Affirmative (5)
    24 - 29 Present Tense regular -er: Interrogative (6)
    30 - 33 Present Tense regular -er verbs: Negative and Negative Interrogative (4)
    34 - 38 Present Tense of regular -ir verbs (5)
    39 - 42 Present Tense of regular -re verb (4)
    43 - 47 Imperative of regular verbs (5)
    48 - 53 L’EXAMEN #1 (6)

    54 - 58 Present Tense of avoir and être (5)
    59 - 63 Present Tense: aller, venir, prendre (5)
    64 - 67 Present Tense: faire, dire, lire, écrire (4)
    68 - 71 Present Tense: vouloir, pouvoir, savoir (4)
    72 - 75 Present Tense: mettre, voir, recevoir (4)
    76 - 79 Present Tense: ouvrir, partir, sortir (4)
    80 - 87 L’EXAMEN #2 (8)

    88 - La Famille (1)
    89 - 92 Les Vêtements (1)
    93 - Social Relations (1)
    93 - 95 At the Barbers (1-l/2)
    95 - 96 At the Beauty Shop (1-l/2)
    97 - 98 Les Présentations, Refuser une Invitation, Les Remerciements, Ce qu’on Aime, Some adjectives of liking
    98 - Les Antipathies et le Mécontement, Some adjectives of dislike
    99 - L’accord, Le desaccord
    100 - Féliciter, Votre Opinion, Suggérer
    101 - Insister
    101 - Liste du Vocabulaire
    102 - List of Grammaire and Verbes (1)

    103 - 107 Definite and Indefinite Articles
    108 - 113 Plural of Nouns
    114 - 120 Contractions with Definite Article; Possession with de
    121 - 126 Possessive Adjectives (6)
    127 - 136 Personal Pronouns (10)
    137 - Reflexive Verbs (1), Les Verbes Pronominaux
    138 - 139 Reflexive, Non-Reflexive
    140 - 143 Orthographic Changing Verbs
    144 - La Pronunciation
    145 - 147 Cardinal & Ordinal Numbers
    148 - 154 Le Passé Composé des Verbes Reguliers
    155 - 160 Le Passé Composé des Verbes Irreguliers
    161 - 167 Le Passé Composé des Verbes avec “être”
    168 - 173 L’Imparfait
    174 - 179 Le futur

  • French -

    the text book that i am having now is équipe 4.

    yes i would indeed like a review of the french I !that would be awsome!

    and yes i do get confused with when to use the passé composé and l'imparfait,and future tense too. i am really bad at forming sentences...

    do you think that you could send all those information to me ? thx!

  • French -

    Do you mean the ENTIRE review? That would be too much for anyone to take all at once. Please choose the most important to you now and then later you can ask for more?

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