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What is basic science? What is applied science? What traits to people need to be successful in basic science psychology fields? applied science?

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    These two sites define basic and applied science.

    What traits do you believe people need to be successful in these fields?

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    I haven't read the sites referred to by Ms. Sue, but you need to read them. Here is a quick way I remember:
    1. Basic science is what we do when we try to find the theoretical meaning of a problem. Actually, it is research for the pure science of it; that is, there is no apparent use for it, at least not immediately.

    2. Applied science is what we do when we apply that knowledge.

    Example of basic science. Scientists, years ago, performed basic resrearch on rocket fuels (solid and liquid), metal alloys that were extremely light but extremely sturdy, and mathematical models to predict how much force it would take to overcome gravity. Forty or fifty years later much of this knowledge was used to walk on the moon. Many people said at the time that this was a tremendous boost to basic science. Actually, the basic science had been done years. Walking on the moon was a tremendous engineering feat and an example of applied science.

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