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How can I find a person online? Not like one of those "find what happened to your high school classmates" kinda sites, though.

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    depending what type of information you are requireing about.

    If you have their number and want their address. Go to m_s_n etc. then go to the link white pages and it will direct you there.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If, for example, you have AOL, you can click on "People" on the toolbar, slide down to "Locate a Member Online" or go to the Membership Directory. Other than that, there are sites online where you enter the name for address, e-mail, phone number OR "reverse directory" where you can enter the telephone number for the other information. However, those sites cost money.

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    You can also Google the name and hometown. I'm amazed what I found about myself this way.

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