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    I agree, sometimes it seems to take a long time, but I'm just an impatient person.

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    All the teachers/tutors on this site are volunteers who have regular lives!! How quickly something is answered depends on a lot of factors:

    who's home
    who's home AND at the computer
    who's asleep (middle of the night)

    Remember, you're dealing with humans, not machines!!


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    To add to what Writeacher has written.
    We have meals to prepare and eat. We have errands to run. We have appointments to keep. We have vacations just like you.
    And a myriad of OTHER distractions that keep us from the computer 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

    Tips: Don't wait until the last minute to post a question because it MAY take some time to get an answer.
    Show your thinking/work/progress since this is not a homework do service but a homework help service. That is, we want to help you do your homework but we will not do all of it for you. Our purpose is to help you learn HOW to do something. Actually, we want to do such a good job with you that we work ourselves out of a job (job in the sense that we do this as a job because we want to do so--not because we get paid for it.) As Writeacher wrote, this is a volunteer service. I am retired so I have more time than others may have BUT some of the volunteers work a 40-hour or more week. Thanks for using Jiskha.

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