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What is the correct capitalization in this sentence? Truman became President when F.D.R. died.

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    I think just that president should not be capitalized since it is not naming a specific president directly after it.

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    What about this one? Harry Truman, a southern democrat, is known for creating The Truman Doctrine and NATO. What is the correct capitalization?

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    "The" shouldn't be capitalized. not sure about the southern democrat part, but the rest is fine.

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    Democrat should be capitalized because it's the name of a political party. Anonymous is right about the Truman Doctrine.

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    Thank you

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    Old style manuals always capitalize President when referring to the President of the United States. However, newer manuals often don't capitalize president in this usage. Check this site from the University of Colorado -- about half-way down the page.

    On the way to finding that site, I found a Canadian and U.K. site that still capitalizes President.

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    Southern Democrat is the name of a specific group of people, so would be capitalized.

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    Thank you.

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