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hi there,
i have to write a letter in French to my au-pair family(the family that i am going to work with) introducing myself, my experience with children, proficiency in French and say why i think i will be suitable for this position.

do anyone have any similar example letters that i can have a look and see how i can set my letter out? i also want to ask for the details of work, the accommodation, working hours and pays etc.


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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Some of my students worked as "au pair" in France and had a marvelous time. Although they were not my best French students, the families were more interested in someone to teach their young children English. Your French class no doubt has helped you in "how to write a letter." In addition, here are some interesting sites on the Web, telling you what to expect, etc.


    2. this is a PDF file to download:

    3. an actual job advertised on the Web: (Broken Link Removed)

    Now for some help "en français:"




    In any event, do NOT try to write this first in English and then try to translate literally. That never works! Take the expressions, grammar, etc. that you have mastered and work those things into your letter. I doubt the family will expect you to be a native speaker of French.

    BTW There are also "au pair" jobs for young men, but not as prevalent! Bonne Chance! After you write your letter, we will be glad to "critique" it for you, if you wish.

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    P.S. Here are some sites to help you formulate a letter:

    1. (be sure to use the menu on the right-hand side to see many examples of letters. At least you will see the beginning, salutation and closing.

    2. (again, samples on the right-hand menu)

    3. (menu to the left)

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    P.P.S Perhaps you would like some instructions on how to write a composition/letter:

    1. Plan what you wish to say carefully before you begin to write. Draw up an outline of your ideas.

    2. Organize these ideas by arranging them in a logical sequence.

    3. Attempt to form your thoughts in French. Use vocabulary you have already acquired, being sure to include idiomatic expressions.

    4. Devise an effective topic sentence. The last sentence should be an appropriate conclusion. To make either of these sentences more dramatic, a question, an exclamation, or even a proverb may be used.

    5. Show your command of the language with varied vocabulary, synonyms where posible to avoid repetition. Variety is essential in good writing.

    6. Vary the sentence structure to avoid monotony. (for example, combine simple sentences into complex ones.) Include constructions such as those connected with the preent participle, depuis, quand, après, the subjunctive and "si" clauses.

    7. Use connectives such as par conséquent, d'ailleurs, à vrai dire, déanmoins, bien entendu and relative pronouns to achieve coherence. Be sure the transitions are smooth, giving the composition a mature tone.

    8. Reread the composition after you have written it. If you have time, it is best to do the final proof-reading the next day! Check particularly for errors of spelling, accentuatuation and agreement.

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    Thank You So Much!!!

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