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I have a problem drawing this formula.


The problem is the 2 c's next to each other. I don't know what that's supposed to look like since if it's 1 CH like with the bracketed CH3 it would be connected to that C but I'm confused as to how a carbon can be just C-C or is it a double bond as I suspect?

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    If its a double bond it should be
    -CH=CH-CH3. It may be a triple bond. But books don't usually omit the double bond or triple bond when writing straight line formulas. Perhaps that just a printing error. If it has a name you will know which it is.

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    I'm actually doing a homework assignment where you have to draw the structure into's killer..I drew it with the double bond and the computer said incorrect. It's for organic chem. I'll try the triple bond and see what happens...I don't like drawing on the computer at all.

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    Sry for the double post before. Yep it was a triple bond.

    Thanks Dr.Bob =)

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    There are some software programs which are supposed to do a great job of drawing structures on the computer. I haven't seen one but friends tell me that those things exist. The problem on these boards is that there is no way to space. For example, if I type a - and 14 spaces and another -, the board post is as - -. So it is almost impossible to get methyl, ethyl, or any orhter group onto a carbon in the middle of a long chain. Those groups can be put at thre front or at the end but not attached to one of the middle carbons.

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    On this program for Wiley Plus, which came with my text for organic chem you actually click on stuff and drag and drop onto a limited space board and actually draw the bonds and stuff and if you click on C then drop that in the box, what you'll get is CH4. If you go and drop a H in there and connect that with a line function to the CH4 it'll cancel out a H for each you add in. It's the first time I'm using the program. You don't actually key in the formula for this program. For attaching the methy to the side I just dropped a CH4 in there with the C button and then dropped another CH4 and connected that with a line and that's it. I guess it's something new in the drawing of structures on the computer then.

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