Early Childhood Literacy

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I need some input on these questions.
If you feel I'm wrong-please let me know. Thanx for helping!

1.Which one of the following would NOT
be typical communication for a three- year-old?

A. "That's scary!"
B. "I'm hungry."
C. "Nobody likes carrots!"
D. "I want cookies."

2. Which one of the following sentences
would not be typical of a two-year

A. "Mommy buyeded a book."
B. "Me want juice."
C. "Why rain?"
D. "Let's go to Grandma's."

Would the correct answer for the first question be:

(C)"Nobody likes carrots!"

Would the correct answer for the second question be:

(D)"Let's go to Grandma's."

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    I think 1st one is right.
    But i think the 2nd one should be (A). Because when have you ever heard a two year say mommy buyeded a book. Unless it was born genusis LOL :).

  • Anyone else have an opinion on this? -

    Anyone else have an opinion on this?

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    1 = C (for sure

    2 = A or D
    I've been listening carefully to my (now) 7 year old granddaughter, and when she was 2, she didn't speak in either of those ways. Plus she had just turned 6 when she started putting the -ed's on all past tense verbs.

    I have observed and listened to four grandchildren, and I've heard many other children (including my own) go through the language learning process. Very few 2 year olds would put extra -ed's on verbs because they have not picked up on the difference between present and past tenses. Also, most 2 year olds do not speak in full sentences, so I think both A and D are NOT what a 2 year old would say.

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    In the second question: Wouldn't the
    answer (A)"Mommy buyeded a book." an
    example of a 2 year old chid using overregularization?

  • Early Childhood Literacy -

    Yes, it is an example of overrequlation.

  • Early Childhood Literacy -

    I would go with D, but I don't like it. I have a two year old grandchild that does not speak in sentences, in fact, she does not speak at all.

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