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crossword puzzle

Secure loose___________ before beginning lab.
(its 7 letters)

If a chemical comes into contact with your eyes,wash them out for atleast __________ minutes
(its 7 letters)

Know where this is before you begin any lab;you may need to find it in case of an emergency.
(its 9 letters)

4)Some of these are corrosive.
(its 9 letters)

This kind of glassware is dangerous to use because it has stress points where the glass may break.
(its 7 letters)

Never place this where somone may trip over it.
(its 4 letters)

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    I'm sure you'll find these answers in your text or in your class notes. It's very important that you know these words in order to keep yourself safe in the lab.

    The first word may be CLOTHES. The second word may be FIFTEEN.

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    4 is chemicals :)

  • science. . . =[[ -

    1) objects
    my name isnt lucy
    its dustin

  • science. . . =[[ -

    know where this is: ...telephone
    (9 letters)

    But what knid of glassware????
    I can't find this answer.

    Any help?

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    1st Safety Rule
    What you should before you start a lab
    2nd Safety Rule
    What you can/should do DURING the Lab
    3rd Safety Rule
    Of what you can/should do After a lab

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