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Please help me- I signed up for a creative writing class thinking that I would do pretty well because I am not that bad of a writer but the questions that are asked are really hard to answer. The questions that were asked were like "how old is the color T" (I guess it's supposed to be letter not color but that's not what the question said) and "what color is the letter S"... How are you supposed to answer these questions??? I need as many tips as possible for answering questions like these and does anybody know what to do if I have to answer one of these and I have no idea what to say??


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    hmm..i don't know if there is a wrong or right answer...i guess u might know that or not, but maybe u have to kindda use ur opinion and how that letter makes u feel or what u think of when u see or hear that letter...this might not be the kind of answer you need for the first one, about how old is the color T, but if they r referring to the letter, it isn't that old b/c it's towards the end of the alphabet, so...honestly i don't know, but i hope i helped in some way! if not, i'm sorry! good luck!

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    I am a relly bad writher please help me.

  • writing- please help me -

    Please click Post a New Question and explain how you want us to help you.

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    These are purely "use your imagination" essays.

    I would immediately think of T = teen... it has to be thirteen...and wears jeans....with anything and everything. You could write a wonderful piece on becoming a T... and all that accompanies that.

    Think of the second question the same way. What color does S make you think of, what does that color do. Sounds like fun!!!

  • creative writing- please help -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. When teachers don't give examples or at least explain what they mean, it makes it most difficult to "guess" whether or not you are on the correct path!

    Speaking of "the colors of letters:"






    Now, as for "creative writing:" (a good definition)

    With no other direction than the question(s) you are to answer, look at the first sites and "fly with it!" Please let us know what your teacher wanted AFTER it is explained! Good Luck!

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