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la langue modèle-t-elle l'étage antérieur ou postérieur du palais

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    for SraJMcGin!

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    Help in French needed.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum again. Often, if your computer is not set up for accents, it might be better to omit them! Again, if you wish a translation:

    Does language modify (l'âge?) the previous or subsequent of the palace"

    ***Now, the problems, I deal with "language" however "la langue" can refer to "the tongue" physically and "le palais" can refer to "the Bar/the law, figuratively.

    Without the complete CONTEXT, it is impossible to tell you what this really says!

    However, since you classified it under "medecine" let me look for some sites that may help you.

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    P.S. or "la médecine" and some sites:




    Questions for you:

    1. What exactly are you studying?

    2. Do you prefer to do this in French (if you are taking a class IN French?)

    3. If you are seeing these questions in a text, it would be helpful to have the title of the text, the author(s), etc.

    Si je vais vous aider, il faut que vous m'aidiez!

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    Perhaps the different medical departments from Montreal University might help:

    Click Here: Check out "Université de Montréal - Répertoires - Facultés et départements"

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