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Algebra, help please!!!

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I Don't understand any of this and its due tommorow and i don't get it, can you please help me.

1. 2/3 of a number m

2. The fifth power of 3 times a number y

3. The quotient of twice a nimber t and 12

4. Twice the difference of 8 and a number b.

  • Algebra, help please!!! - u have to write out the symbols for them or actually attempt to solve them?

  • Algebra, help please!!! -

    In other words, you need to give some instructions about what you are to do with the problems.

  • Algebra, help please!!! -

    It says translate the verbal phrase into an expression.

    1. 2/3 x m
    2. 3to the 5th power x y
    3. t+12
    4. 8-bx2

    Did i do them right?

  • Algebra, help please!!! -

    1. correct or you could write (2/3)m or (2/3)*m
    2. correct or you could write 35*y or 35y.
    3. quotient means divide. You have added. It also says twice the number t; therefore, I would write 2t/12; then I would reducd it to t/6.
    4. I think it would be better to write (8-b)*2. The way you have it written the 8 is not multiplied by 2. That is why I added parentheses.
    Check my thinking.

  • Algebra, help please!!! -

    number 3 looks like it should be t x 2/12 (t times 2 divided by 12)...i think so

  • Algebra, help please!!! -

    I agree the problem is not stated very well; however, 2t/12 is the same thing as tx2/12 and that still reduces to t/6 so we both interpreted the problem the same way and arrived at the same answer.

  • Algebra, help please!!! -

    Thanks for the help =D

  • Algebra, help please!!! -

    3rd to the fifth power

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