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im not mexican so i don't have a spanish accent. so when im take spanish i don't say it how your suppose to. i say it like english. please help!

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    I suggest trying to repeat after someone that does have a spanish accent. Listen to spanish music for starters. It's fun and when you sing along your accent is improving! :-) Audiobooks are also a good idea. I'm sure you will get better in no time. Buena suerte! Good Luck!


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    What exactly do you need help with? Maybe I might be able to help you. By the way Mexicans are not the only ones that speak Spanish and have accents; I'm from Puerto Rico and in my island the main language is Spanish, second English; I have an accent too.

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    you don't have to be Mexican to have an accent! it can central american, southern american or Spanish from Spain not necessarily Mexican.

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